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Atrix – VACOMEGAS Omega Supreme Vacuum

$186.94 $158.90
● POWERFUL, COMPACT AND QUIET 120 VOLT VACUUM - The 120 Volt motor is a powerful service vacuum. Not only is the vacuum powerful, but the vac is the quietest service vacuum available at less than 70dB. This product is UL Tested and Certified. Compare to Static Control SV-497AJ
● ESD SAFE GROUNDED SYSTEM - The service vacuum utilizes a ESD static safe design for both the vacuum and the accessories and attachments included in the system. ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown meaning there will be no electronic shock that could damage precious electronics.
● EMI/RFI REDUCTION - The portable fine particle vacuum uses an electronic line filter. This suppresses EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio-frequency interference). These disturbance may degrade the performance of the circuit or even stop it from functioning meaning that this vacuum will keep your sensitive electronics safe while cleaning.
● HEPA FILTER CERTIFIED - The HEPA filter safely captures 99.97% efficiency at .3 microns. Made to pick up dry particulates like dry chemicals, pollen, toner, and machine dust. This fine particle vacuum is perfect for a service technician to clean copy machines, printers, HVAC systems, production areas, data rooms, medical, electronics, banking, pharmaceutical and hospitals. Can also be used in SMT equiptment, metallurgy and food processing.
● ATTACHMENTS AND ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The vacuum attachments included are: The Omega Supreme vacuum with a self storage compartment to store all of the accessories, 6 foot ESD safe crush proof stretch hose, 16" ESD Safe flexible wand, shoulder strap, and ESD safe crevice tool.